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“We’ve always done it this way!” We’ve got to make our numbers!” It is thinking like this, that prevents companies from doing business “Better, Faster, and Cheaper?” The Status Quo is the enemy of Quality, improvement, and innovation. Many company’s current operating procedures can only deliver what it is designed to deliver — which is the Status Quo. So, how can we know what to change, what to change to, and how to change?

By performing a System-Wide Analysis designed to improve Quality System-wide. I offer a unique skill set that is based on the system-thinking methods of Dr. W. Edwards Deming, Dr. Russel Ackoff, and Dr. Eli Goldratt. I can manage projects, teams, and help mentor your staff to think and act in systems. This is how I fast-track projects that affect both short and long term improvements:

Qualifications and Expertise

  • Six Sigma Certified
  • Lean Learning Accredited
  • Member: TOCICO (Theory of Constraints International)
  • Member: American Society for Quality
  • Managed Million-Dollar+ business initiatives and units
  • Business Process Improvement Project Manager
  • Innovation Specialist
  • Data-Driven Business Intelligence Analyst

Industry Experience:

  • Served diverse industries including high-tech, healthcare, financial services, consumer goods, B-B, real estate, manufacturing, and more.
  • Engagements with top companies: Discover Card, Disney, Bank of America, Grunt Style, State of North Dakota, ATI Physical Therapy, Danaher, Comerica, Carnation/Nestle, Vitech Corp., NNinc Life Sciences, Ten-X, Wells Fargo, and more!

Standard Work – the foundation of Continuous Improvement

  • Custom templates that includes comprehensive process sequences, training, safety, job preparation and Just-in-Time throughput
  • Standard Work is key for quality and throughput control

Team Building / Mentoring

  • Systems-Thinking approach to create a Culture of Collaboration
  • Project collaboration across business units
  • Team Builder / Team Leader / Team Player

Data Driven Business Intelligence

  • Database development and Customer Intelligence
  • Customer Retention, cross sell and Predictive/Regression Models
  • Improvement innovations for increased Throughput at lower costs
  • Testing Campaigns, Processes, and Analysis

Presentations and Workshops

  • Proposal and Presentation Management
  • Continuous Improvement Events and Leadership Mentoring
  • Published Thought Leader

Aligning Sales and Marketing Strategies

  • Marketing Campaign Management
  • Aligning Multi-Channel Revenue Streams

Operational Improvement

  • Just-In-Time Strategies
  • Increasing Throughput and Quality that Reduces Costs
  • Inventory Reduction Strategies
  • Ecommerce Strategies
  • Fulfillment Efficiencies

G. Mark Alarik / / 847-942-7140

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