Innovative C.I.

System-Thinking Drives Innovation, Project Velocity, and Continuous Improvement!

Most top leadership wants transformation NOW and EVERYWHERE, but they cannot get it done because internal resources can’t provide enough time or expertise or even knowledge of what has worked in other industries.

The real root problem stems from Silo-Thinking. This is were each business unit acts alone in solving the problems that affect the entire enterprise. If sales brings in more business, it must collaborate with operations, finance, customer service and even IT to ensure the sales are profitable and the customers receive a high level of service and product quality. Otherwise, and overload of sales could actually destroy the company!

Cost-cutting does not improve a company. Costs are reduced when quality and higher throughput are achieved.

What value would you place on having managers and other personnel transformed into thinking wholistically and not just about their own “little world?”

That’s why it is imperative to STOP looking at problems and challenges from the isolated perspective of one business unit or manager’s viewpoint.

I am committed to helping companies create the Culture of Collaboration that transform silos to an interdependent system that drives fast-track improvements and innovation!

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